Looser travel restrictions, influx of visitors cause Hawaii officials to find tourism management sol

Looser travel restrictions, influx of visitors cause Hawaii officials to find tourism management solutions


  1. They are taking reservations to go to the beach? So F’d up! So stupid. Yea….I know this is a snorkeling location, I’ve been there, I’m not an ignoramus. They have the absolute stupidest regulations. And all of this for what? We’re there COVID positive cases by percentage, any lower than the rest of the US. (And I don’t mean major cities).

  2. Keep the travel restrictions. Why not limit the number of visitors per plane load with higher ticket prices. Keep raising the price till the numbers fall off a bit. That way airlines can still make what they need to without jamming bodies on island as fast as they possibly can. Fewer people here make for a significantly nicer vacation experience that people would be willing to pay more for. The greyhound skybus routine might make more money for the airlines, but they'll burn this place and the people who live here out

  3. Everyone, please pray for people in Hawaii and anywhere else people are worshipping water, nature, etc. They are actually worshipping marine spirits which is not good. I was watching a video of a woman talking about if Hawaii doesn't repent, judgement will come upon them. Please everyone, please pray for the people of Hawaii and anywhere else, practicing idolatry. Thank you so much and God bless you all in Jesus name!

    John 3:16
    King James Version
    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life

  4. Kristy T looks good. I think she surfs! and Maui has issues! Keani R-F is extremely correct in her assessment. Some people who live in Maui absolutely hate foreigners(very dangerous). As an example, I met someone while riding my bicycle up Haleakala. This person told me that he was threatened by local residents of Hawaiian descent. He was told, "We hope that when you ride down the mountain, you die a horrible death." Also, people have been beaten to a pulp on Maui. On Oahu, there are crazies all over the island. I mean knife-wielding people on the street with insane mental health problems. A surfer on the north shore of Caucasian origin was attacked by three Polynesians and beat down bad (I talked to a Hawaiian elder about it). Where I come from; Long Beach (NYC), we have similar issues with gang violence and beatdowns. I know because I was a victim of such crimes for over 10 years. This is why I know, for those who have means, can extract themselves from the madness. However in Maui specifically, if it were up to some of the local population; they would physically extract all white people from the Island. Thank goodness I was around nice people and I stayed away from such evil. No property buying in this region. As much as I love the islands, perhaps we should just get out of the state and let them be their own country (people).

  5. As a resident of Hawaii to any visitors please have some manners and consideration. Everyone is so overworked and under staff. Most people are feeling over the tourist being rude to us.

  6. Watch the state fuck this up again.What about that Delta Variant that’s already here brought by a visitor.We gonna be locked down every time something comes up under this management

  7. They tried to force locals to get vaccinated to open up to 75% capacity but opened up to 75% to accommodate tourists hahahahahaha. Hawaii has an idiotic tyrannical government.

  8. How bout mask off everywhere!!! We are far behind. I am not gonna thank the government for giving back what was taken away in the first place. We never should have shut down in the first place. Alot of people suffered thru this ordeal.

  9. Unfortunately it's difficult to get parking at the grocery store, difficult to get parking at the beach, the traffic is crazy and there is almost always long waits to order food from most places… Also been seeing so many cigarette butts and other trash in the sand in the last month or two. I know we rely on tourism here but someday soon we need to find a solution to making the tourism balanced and sustainable for the people, the land and the oceans of Hawaii. The thought of just pumping more and more people in here is honestly depressing.

  10. There are a lot of reasons we are not traveling. We come every year and during the Airpass days we came every other weekend. With the pandemic still going strong, our small kids cannot yet be vaccinated, so if there is a COVID positive among them, it will spread quickly. If everyone is vaccinated it will be less likely to be problematic. But if there are vaccine resistant folks among the adult population, it will spread quickly. I am trying to decide right here in Oakland Ca whether to reopen my family singing group thats been going for 48 years for this reason.
    There is the delta variant that is much more transmissible and more deadly to the unvaccinated. I deeply miss Hawaii and our friends there. But for now, we will stay away-especially as
    Hawaii cuts back on restrictions. We feel safer with restrictions in place & continue to mask up when we go out anywhere. We are fully vaccinated.

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