NEW TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS | Hawaii Travel Covid Update

New Restrictions implemented with more possibly on the way. What YOU NEED to know before coming to Hawaii and how will it affect your travels to Hawaii.
How traveling to Hawaii has changed
Kaka’ako Farmers Market Walking Tour | Oahu Hawaii


  1. # Q I'm heading to the big island on 10/18, I've already uploaded my vaccination info on the Hawaii Safe Travels website, got a confirmation it was uploaded, do I still need to get a test. I know some people who went and they said they did what I did and still needed to take the test. But I think the person who told me this is not quite sure about what she was talking about. Thanks. Sorry for the long message.

  2. Just to clarify the vaccine. The vaccines DO NOT prevent from contracting the Delta Virus. The vaccine DOES have a 99% efficacy from hospitalizations and death. 99% of people hospitalized from the Delta Virus are UNVACCINATED. There is scientific data to verify my statement.

  3. Thank you for the information.Watching you from San Antonio,TexasWe we’re already booked for 9/1 to 9/8 but after we saw and heard on TV from the Governor then we cancelled right away as of 8/24/2021. We are all vaccinated but better safe than sorry. Hawaii doesn’t go anywhere as long as we’re well and alive to enjoy it in the future.Thank you so much for sharing . Keep safe😷😷😷

  4. Hi! I just saw your subscription on my channel and have subscribed to you as well! Great videos! This is something similar to what I'm doing on my channel. I'm fairly new and was curious if a channel your size in our travel/tourism sector can generate enough income for living? I've only been doing this a few months and would like to know if it's a viable option for income in the next year or so. Sorry for the long message, and I appreciate your time!

  5. I 100% regret scheduling our honeymoon for the SECOND time in Oahu, HW. The restrictions make it not worth the while. We're supposed to go in September but I am preparing for the worst.

  6. #Q what was the site again that we have to upload our vaccination card and how many days to upload prior to our visit? thank you guys for the very imformative vlog , very helpful

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  8. #Q I saw where the governor said not shutting down to tourists that the numbers were more from residents traveling. what have you heard? Other countries have seen quick rise then quick decline with variant. Thanks for updates👍🏼

  9. Aloha Guys! I’m planning to visit Aug 23rd to Sept 7th. Do you guys think they will shut the tours down and limit beach restrictions? I bought the Go Oahu pass based off your recommendation (thanks) and booked the sunset sail, Kualoa ranch and hidden gems tour. I would hate to come and be stuck at the hotel and not be to able to try all the great restaurants I’ve seen in your videos! Appreciate all your hard work & info:)

  10. Hilarious! Think about this people. A surge in a virus that is 99.97% survivable or, if you're over the age of 60, it's 96.4% survivable. I'm not making these figures up, they come from the CDC itself. BTW, this "virus" has NEVER BEEN ISOLATED. That's the same as saying it doesn't exist….A political pandemic?

  11. Future husband and I are coming for our honeymoon in Mid October. We have both been vaccinated and uploaded our information to travel safe. I hope we still get to go! 😟

  12. Still need help with time change re: 72 hours per testing results. My last flight leaves Washington DC (Eastern Daylight time) at 9:46 a.m. on Mon. August 23, 2021. If I'm calculating correctly do I get tested on Friday Aug. 20th at 9:46 a.m.?

  13. Were not even back close to normal, restaurants have permanently closed since 2020 shutdowns, retail and some hotels are not even open, save your money people, you won't get the full Hawaiian experience and tough times are ahead for everyone. Go visit your friends and family and help out your community instead.

  14. It’s not that we don’t believe on the vaccine. It’s that a lot of people have already gotten COVID and shouldn’t have to get vaccinated. Science says so. And it’s not FDA approved. And those who should be protected with the vaccine are already safe. The rest of us should be able to make that choice. “My body, my choice right”?

  15. #Q what COVID test do Americans need to take? How much are they? I hear the test is not covered by our insurance, and it’s about $200, and do we take one 72 hours before we fly to Oahu? And do we take another COVID test before we fly back from Oahu? We have plans to come in September… with few people. Finding a car rental was very hard…sad😞

  16. Good advice, Hawai'i is locals and Hawaiians' home. It's not Disneyland or a theme park, treat people as you would expect visitors to act in your home.. Best and most authentic alohawear is made in the Islands, but it's more expensive. It's usually labeled "made in Hawaii," stear away from "styled in Hawaii" labels, which are not made in the Islands. Would recommend buying locally made souvenirs and crafts as it supports local artists and crafts people and is authentic

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