Oahu Hawaii TRAVEL TIPS | What to know for traveling RIGHT NOW (Rental cars? Uber? Busy? AND MORE!)

For all of you who have seen my Oahu videos of helpful travel tips and sent me questions in the DMs on instagram, I’ve brought in my friend Trizzy who was JUST in Waikiki (June 2021) to share some helpful travel tips if you’re considering Oahu travel RIGHT NOW. ⬇️ Don’t miss the helpful travel notes and resources below! Click “show more” to expand the description!

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🚐 For top rated shuttles from HNL airport via Viator:

📰 Helpful article about understanding Oahu

And the BEST resource for keeping up to date is the Oahu Govt Website

💎 Diamond head info

🗺 ALL HOTELS AND PLACES MENTIONED in my Oahu videos can be found here:

🏨 To see all Oahu HOTELS (with price matching) via Agoda to find the right one for you

🎟 Top rated Oahu TOURS via
a) Viator (I love them, especially b/c of their easy cancellation policies!)

b) Get your guide (I love reading the reviews!)

c) GROUPON 😮 Cuz don’t we all wanna save a buck?

d) Consider the TOP OAHU tourist attractions via GO CITY (saves ya tons of money)

✈️ This is how I find cheap FLIGHTS on Sky Scanner



0:00 Intro
0:24 Meet Trizzy
0:48 Uber experience
2:03 Tip about Uber
2:30 Rental car experience
3:02 Is it busy?
3:55 Masks and vaccines
4:30 Eating out
6:30 Must do in Waikiki
7:40 Diamond head


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  1. Aloha!
    Effective July 8, 2021, the State of Hawaii waived the 72 hour negative COVID-19 test to Hawaii for "FULLY" vaccinated visitors. Just need to upload a photo of your CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card. YEAH!

  2. Kauai and Kona are my favorite islands, Oahu has some great spots but it’s just a bit over the top touristy for me, great for first time visitors and families.

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