Pearl Harbor – Memorial of Pain | Last Day in Hawaii – Travel Vlog

Last day of travel to Hawaii. If you arrive in Hawaii, we recommend that you visit the Pearl Harbor Museum, a memorial to the pain of the December 1941 attack. We suggest you visit uss arizona memorial, you will be very impressed with this place. I hope you enjoy this last day in Hawaii of our trip. Don’t forget to leave a comment, a like and subscribe to see our next adventures!

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  1. Pretty amazing tours. You saw a lot of awesome history there. It is super humbling and solemn there in light of the events that took place there. That is amazing that oil still leaks out after 80 years. Looks like there were many nice memorials. Thanks for sharing your visit as I will likely not go there until they get rid of the restrictions, masks, vaccine, testing, etc. Take care and have an amazing day.

  2. Sorry for the wait, thanks for taking the time to show us the memorial.
    Beautiful rainbow ๐ŸŒˆ
    Keep it up guys! You're doing a great thing.

  3. Very informative and emotional video. Unfortunately I haven't visited Oahu island yet.. I'll definitely visit this island and make this as number 1 place to go there. Thanks for sharing my friends. I am sure you have had an unforgettable trip. Have a great day!

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