SOLO TRAVEL | Learn From My Mistake + COVID in Hawaii

What are the COVID rules here in Hawaii? Did I have to quarantine? Are masks mandatory? Plus, let’s go outdoors together and you’ll learn from the mistake I made.


Liz Bryant is a solo female traveler who lived full time in a Mercedes Sprinter August 2017 until November 2018. She sold her self built van July 2019. Liz started international airplane travels + backpacking December 2019. Liz – from Tulsa, Oklahoma – now has a home base in La Jolla, California.

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  1. You’re awesome and an inspiration! I woke up this morning and spontaneously purchased a ticket to Hawaii. I’ll be solo traveling to Honolulu … and I can not wait!

  2. I just subscribed. I was going to Maui with a friend by the end of April 2021. She’s not 100% sure if she will be able to go. I took the days off from work and this video is cheering me up to go solo! For the very first time solo traveling.
    Does anyone know what the regulations are for those who are fully vaccinated?
    Do I still have to have a negative Covid test before boarding the plane?
    Thank you!!!
    Herly 🙂

  3. We actually have 1,243 active cases statewide and 15,330 positive cases on Oahu alone, not the 117 you mentioned. Still love your videos, just want to clarify the #s, and I hope tourists are taking our restrictions seriously.

  4. My vote is for food (but I am a foodie!) and I would also love to have an episode specifically about how you make friends while traveling like this. For example, you said you had Thanksgiving with your neighbors, how did that happen? And you went for a walk with a neighbor too, how does that happen? Do you introduce yourself? Strike up conversation? Ask them to hang out on your balcony and chat? Ask if they want to grab a bite? How do you make friends/community while traveling alone – the details.

  5. So beautiful there, especially the mountains in the middle of Oahu. Bellows was the perfect secluded beach (military), and the Navy Lodge on Ford Island was less than a hundred dollars a night to stay for mil retirees! Grocery stores!

  6. I rather see the packing. I traveled a lot and many trips on a Harley But I was still a girl that needed my makeup and hair done & dress nice. So I got pretty good at it! That covd test I was so happy to see all you have to do is spit. Last I heard they have to shove that thing up your nose to your brain and it's quite painful even though it's quick. That's probably still how it's done in this backwards s.eastern state that for NOW I'm residing in hopefully back to fla next year. Love Hawaii we rented a car and went around the whole island only take 6 hours.While on that drive we went to some beautiful waterfalls takes about 2 hours to walk to them. They were gorgeous and swimming below the falls the water was perfect if you're looking for more adventures ? Sorry I can't remember where they were on the Island of Oahu but I'm sure they would be easy enough to find. it was probably before you were born. That sounds so funny to even say I used to be the young one! lmbo

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