South Maui Hawaii Travel Guide

A guide to visiting South Maui including the areas of Kihei, Wailea, and Makena. South Maui is well known for miles of sandy beaches and sunshine. Wailea is home to some of Maui’s best hotels and resorts. The beaches and lodging become more posh and exclusive the further south you go. There are also five golf courses in South Maui.


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  1. I lived in Maui earlier in my life. Just north of Big Beach is Little Beach, a nude beach. Its wierd, like people bring there kids and jsut sit naked in large groups of people.

  2. South Maui..?
    Big beach is big and people spread out away from each other.

    Little beach on the other hand has fat and ugly naked people, who like to basically sit and stand on top of one another. Seriously, people who you would never want to see naked are the ones getting naked. I was trying to get off the beach before a herd of ginger heifers started to disrobe, I wasn't fast enough and had to witness the pastiest, palest, freckled blobs of goo and all their bits spread out before me. It was actually traumatic.

  3. Kamaole beaches are just as good….but yuppies may not admit to it…..remember all beaches in Maui are public so don't relate them to the hotel rates

  4. Go to Big Beach, but do not go into the ocean if there are large waves, itโ€™s the second most dangerous beach in all of Hawaii in regarding serious injuries including fatalities caused by the shore break waves especially to visitors with limited ocean experience. Itโ€™s has an ominous nick name, Break Neck beach. 2 fatalities already there this summer and several broken necks already. The rip tide is no joke either. I am writing this in July of 2019.

  5. Snorkel in the morning until 1200 and then land stuff the rest of the day. Also the black sand beach is popular with the locals for fishing and little beach is just a walk from big beach.

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