The BEST Maui Travel Guide of 2021-2022 | From a local resident

Aloha! Today I bring you the only Maui Travel Guide you will need to watch before your trip to Maui, Hawaii in 2021-2022. Today we cover all of your biggest asked questions about travel to Maui, Hawaii. Where should you stay in Maui? What things to do in Maui? What time of year to visit Maui? Should you book a rental car for your trip? We cover all of that right now!

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โ–ณ Best SNORKEL to Molokini Crater –
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โ–ณ Best HELICOPTER tour –
โ–ณ Ride ATV’s in Maui –
โ–ณ Best way to Visit LANAI –
โ–ณ Best Maui HIKING TOURS –
โ–ณ Best PARASAILING in Maui –
โ–ณ Best LUAU’s in Maui –
โ–ณ Best ZIPLINE in Maui –
โ–ณ AQUABALLING in Maui –
โ–ณ Best Maui WATERSPORTS –
โ–ณ Best SURF LESSON in Maui –
โ–ณ Best SUBMARINE in Maui –
โ–ณ Best SCUBA diving –
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Chapter for The BEST Maui Travel Guide of 2021-2022 | From a local resident
00:00 Introduction to what we will be covering today.
00:35 Steps on how to stay informed for updates.
01:24 What time of year should you visit Maui?
03:03 What side of the island should you stay on in Maui?
05:18 What are your hotel recommendations Maui?
06:20 Should you book a rental car in Maui?
07:50 What activities should you do?
10:40 The 5 P’s
12:15 Best Place for Food, Shops, and Bars in Maui
12:55 Best Snorkeling in Maui
14:06 Best Paid Activities
15:15 Outro

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  1. This is really informative. Coming from a local in Maui, this video is surely one thing Iโ€™m going to consider when going to Maui with family next year. ๐Ÿ™ Love the content and the way it presented. Thanks. Great video.

  2. Aloha! we are traveling to Maui in October from Pa. Staying at the Sugar Beach Condos in Kihei, we are divers also and plan to do some of that. What are the best time and says to travel on the Road to Hana?

  3. Will be there in late July – We always make a point to be respectful of where we are, and the locals.. Seems tensions are high right now with locals and tourists (I can certainly understand). Thank you for putting this together, it will be very helpful. Looking forward to our visit.

  4. We have never been and are so excited to goโ€ฆ..but we are planning our visit in February 2022????? Due to getting time off from work was kind of an issue are we in for a rainy trip? Should we try to reschedule for summer next year?

  5. I'm very interested also nervous but excited ๐Ÿ˜‚ of moving to Hawaii. I'm a single mother of 3 (16,11,&1). No sure what area to reside in with schools, basic necessities. Coming from Albany ga. Also, have questions about getting my motorcycle and car transported there.

  6. My husband and I are coming to Maui next week for our 25th anniversary. Is there any place to go for some night life? I was there two years ago and everything shuts down at dark. Where can we go for some fun?

  7. Thank you for your informative videos!
    I am visiting with mom in October. She is elderly and can be unbalanced entering the ocean with waves. I wonder if there are any lagoons or beaches without waves in Maui ?

  8. Straight up the best information concerning Maui. I have lived here for 6 years and this dude is spot on and friends/family visit all the time. I will share this post on my personal business website!

  9. Yo Iโ€™m planning a honeymoon for the last week of October, hoping itโ€™s still busy but a lot of the summer bustle is over. Is that a good time of year to come?

  10. Looking for your link for photo shoots.. it not a proposal or wedding or birthday but capturing the memory of my aunt. She asked for her remains to be spread in Hawaii so looking to capture that moment.. if you can respond with your website link, we can correspond there.. thanks!!

  11. As far as the road to Hana and the locals, will they just ride our butts until we pull over? put the flashers on? honk? We will be there starting July 2. Also is there anywhere to see fireworks on July 4th? Staying on the North side of Kihei. Thanks! Great Video!!

  12. My wife and I are headed to Maui tomorrow for the third time. This time we're bringing our 12 year old granddaughter. We have lots of excursions planned and already reserved. I loved your video. Staying in a house across from Kaanapali beach for two weeks.

  13. Thanks for the tips. we are coming to Maui next Wednesday and we just booked a cocktail tour with Sea Maui per your suggestion!!! And we are staying in Lahaina and are super excited.

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