TRAVEL AROUND HAWAII – Breathtaking Nature in 4K UHD, Scenic Relaxation Film With Relaxing Music

TRAVEL AROUND HAWAII (4K UHD) – Nature Relaxation Film – Meditation Relaxing Music

Hawaii is a unique archipelago formed from a geologic ‘hot spot’ . It will always be changing over millions of years. Hawaii arises from the deep ocean floor of the North Pacific Ocean, right in the middle of the Pacific tectonic plate. Because of this, its mountain peaks are the highest on Earth – a total of close to 32,000 feet from bottom to top (rising from 18,000 feet below the surface of the ocean to about 14,000 feet above sea level). The Hawaiian island chain is composed of volcanoes in all stages – active erupting ones (sometimes making new acreage), dormant ones eroding away, and dead ones that may have subsided below the ocean. Hawaii is one of the most isolated of the islands on Earth – being over 3,000 miles from the closest continental land mass and 2,000 miles from the nearest island.

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