Travel News Update: Cruising Returns & Hawaii Tightens Restrictions

A roundup of the latest news updates in the wide world of travel. Some of the news updates I’ll be discussing include: Finnair is the latest airline carrier to ban cloth masks; Reopening of Canada; Italy and France requiring vaccines for international travelers to do almost anything in country; People are indeed faking their vaccine cards, and getting arrested for it, Cruise ships return to posts in the USA, Hawaii tells tourists not to visit, and more!

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  1. People wasting money on cruises I been playing the cruise stocks like a fiddle with options πŸ˜‚
    Letting them increase my chip count I might have to get a cruise ticket just as a thanks πŸ™πŸ½

  2. I love your videos and I watch them all the time. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts of my city, Vancouver. We do have subway service (Skytrain, which is above ground) from YVR straight to downtown. If you visit "Gastown" be careful of East Hastings Street (1 block over from Gastown), we have the equivalent of LA's skidrow, where drug use is done in the open. Gastown is a tourist hot spot while also being cool ( Industrial Light & Magic has a studios there).

  3. The world has gone insane.
    I can understand powerful governments doing so – "because they can" and Americans are too docile to stand up as other countries' people have. But private companies chopping off their own head, because they think people are terrified of catching a really bad cold? Don't they know that they've lost zillions of dollars over this overblown media-labelled hysteria, and that they're only going to drive the nail further???

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