Travel Requirements for Hawaii During Covid

Looking to go to Hawaii? With all of the travel restrictions to get there, we decided to make you a step by step of what you need to know prior to going to Hawaii during Covid.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info. Just downloaded and input all the info while watching you 🙂 Heading to Maui for Thanksgiving with two teenagers. Sadly missing you guys. Thanks again!! 🙂

  2. Great video!! I have a question, if you are traveling with kids(14 and 13 years) where I can upload the vaccine proof of them? Thanks for the info

  3. Thanks for the helpful info! Headed to Oahu for Xmas for my first-ever trip to Hawaii and grateful for this info ahead of time to make everything go smoothly!

  4. I got fully vaccinated but wont meet the 15th day requirement so I have to get tested on Monday. I was a bit confused on the approved testing sites. Im traveling from san diego. I am getting tested by carbon but on the Hawaii website it mention about the sites with the " + "
    Not sure if you know anything thing about that? I feel like it is not very well explained ( carbon has the + ) thank you for the video btw! very informative and straight forward

  5. While on the island did you happen to get tested somewhere so that you can fulfill the 48 hr requirement to be eligible for a sit down restaurant?

  6. Fully vaccinated. Have CDC Card. Only question is do I need to do Covid test 72 hours before flight? I am from California.

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