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Hey guysss! So I am currently in Hawaii for a travel RN assignment (eeeek!!) Here updating you guys on my recent move and just how crazy BUSY I’ve been lately!

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  1. I just submitted application for an Allied health position Hawaii. I'm so lost as to where I am going to stay and how I'm going to get around. Kealakekua is unwalkable but I'm dying to have a beautiful 3 month assignment.

  2. I know this is old, but here's to hoping. I'm done in the states. Can an LPN NYS get travel work? I literally just came up with the idea. I figure, I can struggle anywhere. 1st thought Florida, then California, too many people, high coat of life. So I went straight to Hawaii. I'd much rather struggle living in a small room in Hawaii than here. Any guidance will be so greatly appreciated. I'm single, college aged child.

  3. I'm a newbie follower love this video…You and I are alike, my suitcase would only consist of 5 outfits and maybe 2-3 uniforms. Please keep these videos coming Queen.

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