Travel to Hawaii During Covid | How to Submit Your COVID Test Results

I traveled to Honolulu, #Hawaii from San Jose end of 2020 and explain the steps involved in uploading negative COVID testing results during #Covid-19 #quarantine requirements. This is a complete video walkthrough.

What you need to know about traveling to Hawaii During Covid:

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  1. How long did it take to get your results back from Kaiser? I took my test today and they said it could take 72 hrs for the results to be available. I leave for Hawaii in 72 hours 😩

  2. Hi Mike, I leave June 9th at 1:15 pm from SF to Honolulu Airport. I took my test June 6th at Kaiser at 1:24pm and received negative results. I tried uploading my results pdf form and shows “not approved”. What should I do?

  3. I say dont go it's a big pain and not worth it.. Trying to get checked into our room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village 1hr and 1/2 people have to log onto Safe Hawaii Sites forgetting user names passwords language barriers…Restaurants are booked solid due to people sitting home on unemployment. Wait until this crap is ALL over save your money right now….

  4. Mine stated, "Not Approved: Not a Negative Test Result" (even though I'm negative). Second attempt, I used the Past Result Column and stated: "Not Approved: Date of Test Error" – maybe coz I had a previous test done a few months ago? They're both negative though – I dunno what else to do

  5. Hello! My question is if you’ve taken a test from walgreeens. (Only asking because I saw you mention Walgreens a few times) but do you know if their turnaround time is within the 72hrs for just the regular PCR test not the rapid?

  6. Is the 72 hours testing window based on when the specimen is collected, which in your video it shows 12/27/20 at 10:20 AM or based on when the results are process 12/28/20 at 6:20 PM?

  7. Hi Mike, when I went to get my COVID test at Kaiser, they did not seem to know much about the requirements for traveling from SFO to Hawaii. I asked them what test they administered and they said, PCR. Is that also in compliance? Or is it separate than the NAAT? Thanks!

  8. I did a screen shot of my phone and converted that to pdf. The system shows as covid negative, does that mean it’s accepted?

    Update: it worked for me! Just converted it to pdf. And had no problem!

  9. Hi I have a question hope you able to help we are traveling from Phoenix az to Sacramento ca then to honolulu may 10th so should we get tested on 7th or 6th of may ??? And do you believe they will approve us

  10. QUICK! okay so I took my covid test today at cvs but my results will come through text/call (since I’m under 18). Is there a way for me to get my results in pdf form😰

  11. This is a big help, most especially im Traveling to Hawaii next month! I really wish everybody can travel soon without the travel restrictions, No to travel shaming, as what James Asquith said in one of his vlogs.

  12. Flying into Lax from Dc next Saturday my flight for Hawaii doesn’t leave until 2:14 pm. When should I get tested based on the 72 hour time frame for departure. It’s quiet confusing😪

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