Travel with Me to Hawaii | Family Vacation Vlog 2021

Mahalo from my family to yours! 💕🌺




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  1. Tia where your business takes you did you and Tamara ever finished stretchy or milky do you guys still sell it it would be nice for both of you to talk about what your plans are and or a short clip of what you guys have done with the brand

  2. She reminds me of Jamie Otis that annoying white woman on Married at First Sight Unfiltered. Their voices are like nails on a chalkboard..😖

  3. I don't know if you will see this
    Make sure to have someone look over any investment deals you have going on over and over especially with anyone from a bank
    Tell your friends congratulations on the baby his breast should stop milking soon
    Don't under estimate your husband strength he have the strength of 20 mens ( Don't let any producer corner him into anything he does not want to do) stay humble as always nomatter what we love you and your family

  4. I know your parents are so incredibly proud of the family that they have created. That's probably one reason they are able to get along so well post divorce. Their love created 4 beautiful, talented, thoughtful and kind humans. You have been blessed abundantly and your love for one another radiates profoundly. Thank you for allowing us a peak into your lives.

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  6. Hi dear tia ! NEW SUBSCRIBER HERE WATCHING AND TUNED IN.This is such an awesome family and trip, thank you so so much for sharing, I felt like I was there in Hawaii blessings to you and the family

  7. When she said “he went to Napa” I don’t understand why she didn’t say he was with their sister because that’s where he was lol they split their time between siblings

  8. My favorite twin was always Tamera but Tia has definitely become my favorite since being a mom. I just love her vibe, also her laugh can cure cancer I’m sure of it

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