Traveling to Hawaii soon? Updated Hawaii Travel Restrictions | WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

This is your Hawaii update
If you’re traveling to Hawaii soon, here are a few things you need to know regarding the Hawaii travel restrictions to Hawaii. On July 8th, the Governor of Hawaii lifted one of the travel restrictions. Anybody coming from mainland United States who is vaccinated, is not required to get tested prior to arriving to Hawaii. Visit the safe travels hawaii website

Hawaii is now at a 60% threshold, the next benchmark that needs to be met will be the 70% mark which would completely lift all travel restriction upon entering in Hawaii and go back to a pre pandemic lifestyle. This mark should be met sometime around mid September based on whether or not they encounter any issues along the way. You still need to go on the Hawaii safe travels website to upload your proof of vaccination card and still take the hard copy card with you on your travels.

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  1. I agree with the car rental. It sucks that it’s that expensive right now but there’s more to see and do around the island than just at your resort. I was just in Oahu and met up some friends at their hotel so when I was tired and decided to call an Uber back to my hotel, it was gonna take about 30 mins for them to get to me so I ended up walking anyway. It’s worth the price to pay a lil more for the car rental unless you are absolutely sure you don’t care to go anywhere else.

  2. I found out all this info online I went got my first shoot same day but I wasn’t awared about 2 weeks after the second shot .. I’m so lucky fir 16 days 👏👏☺️thanks for a info .. first time going and exciting

  3. We were in Oahu last week. with car rental use turo. I rented a 2019 odysessy that had only 16k miles, looked like new, and smells like new for $150 per day. but I talked to some taxi drivers who were hanging around our hotel and they said you can easily get taxi so i would try that! You know hotels charge a minimum of $50 per day on parking. Also beaches and other popular places have very limited parking! If you're going to the beach, buy water shoes! those corals are sharp! If you're going snorkeling, get your own gears! and he's right, plan ahead, start early and reserve those tourist attractions very early!

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