Traveling to Hawaii step by step – Travel requirements, Vaccine, COVID-19 Test.

Dos Bros SouthBay just return from Hawaii And want to share with you things you need to know tips and experiences learn on this trip. Travel to Hawaii during COVID-19 gets pretty tricky but if you follow all the directions on this video you will have a smooth Hawaiian experience. Let us know the comments if you have any questions about your trip and will be happy to answer any inquires. Our trip to Hawaii was great I would like you to have the same experience in this difficult times.

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State of Hawaii safe travel :

Walgreens Covid19 test

Malibu Creek and Campground
Lake Perris
Bearizona zoo
KOA Willians arizona near Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon south Rim

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  1. Thanks for the support to our video guys .. And to all who sent private messages on How they appreciate the time that we took to make this to help..check out all the other videos about what to do in Hawaii in our channel and if you find the videos helpful please don’t forget to subscribe and like and enjoy your vacation in Hawaii

  2. Hey thanks for ur video~
    Quick question;
    I have 11 years old son who is not vaccinated yet. Is he need to follow pre travel test order to exempt from quarantine? Thanks for ur help

  3. We are traveling to Maui , in January. We are both vaccinated. So if I understand you right we don't need a Covid test before going to Hawaii correct?

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