Ultimate MAUI Travel Guide! Plus, some SECRET Things to do in Hawaii… Don't Tell Anyone!

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My itinerary includes my 10 days on 3 Hawaiian Islands with Maps, Links to each Activity, Helpful Websites, and Tons of Tips INCLUDING THE MAUI SECRET WATERFALL LOCATION ($1.99 Paypal).

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Maui Hawaii Travel Guide Things to do in Vacation Vlog Trip. What Places to Tour, Visit, See.

Your Maui Trip just got better, so enjoy this video of our Maui Tour.

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  1. SUPPORT my Channel by Downloading my Itinerary for $1.99 from the link in the description box above. It gives the secret location, all other locations, all the links to my activities, and some money saving tips!

  2. I am going to Maui next week. I am 48, brunette, and overweight. I want to replicate this video exactly! I can't braid my stringy hair for squat so it would be rather funny with my old, fat behind pretending I am so gorgeous. So tempted!

  3. I am sick of tired people talking about respecting the Hawaii culture, if you don`t want tourist to spend their money on your island close it. I am not expecting you to speak with a Brooklyn accent when you come to New York. Many people complaining about how rude the locals act towards the visitors, so stop this stupid B.S.

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