Waikiki Hotels: 7 Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii

Before you book that hotel room on Waikiki Beach, watch our 7 things to know on staying in Waikiki on Oahu, Hawaii. We hope you have a great Hawaii vacation, if this is the right place for you!

Book Hawaii with confidence now that you know Waikiki so well. After your hotel is booked, below you will find our favorite things to do around the island.

Reserve Tickets to the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
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A free shuttle will pick you up at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial to take you to Ford Island, home to the Battleship Missouri, Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, and USS Oklahoma Memorial.

Parking Video: Cheap and Free Parking Options in Waikiki

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Now that you know where to stay, grab our itinerary for where to eat and what to do on Oahu.

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7 Things to Know Before Booking a Hotel in Waikiki Chapters
00:00 Intro
00:38 #1 Beware of Waikiki Resort and Parking Fees
01:41 #2 The Size and Vibe of Waikiki
02:54 #3 No Rental Car Needed When Staying in Waikiki
03:24 Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum
05:09 #4 Where to Stay in Waikiki
06:25 #5 Waikiki Beach Hotel or Off-Beach Hotel
07:29 #6 Best Time for the Best Waikiki Hotel Rates
08:22 #7 All-Inclusive Waikiki Vacation Packages May Not Be All-Inclusive

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  1. When I went me and my kids stayed at ilima hotel, has a kitchenette, free parking, no resort fee. One block away from the city, we always walked where we wanted to go. We drove to Walmart for snacks and stuff we could cook. I was very pleased. And I rented car locally from lucky owl which saves $, the hotel saved us money also. We explored as much as we could with respect to locals.

  2. Yeah the parking fee at my hotel was $35 a night and they didn’t have a lot of space for parking. Luckily for me the front desk mentioned a parking garage across the street which charged much less so I parked there for the night and saved a few bucks.

  3. I would like to spend a month in April or May in Waikiki because I don't want to rent a car for the whole trip and will rent to explore other parts of the island on a daily basis. Any ideas on where to stay????

  4. Hi! You’re videos are super helpful for hopefully future trips! Do you think it’s worth it having an Airbnb compared to a hotel? Which one would you suggest for our first time trip to Hawaii?

  5. Trying to plan a last minute trip do you guys have any thoughts on the beachfront property Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort, i think it’s less 300$ more for a four night stay?

  6. Very nice video thanks… Love how you to get along and the fact you bring your little dog with you as he is part of the family . I saw him underneath the baby carriage just chilling and would be much cooler for him as well, then again in another clip where you were all together on a paddle boat thingamajig

  7. Rented a suburban for my family of 7 and my hotels garage had height restriction. Had to park blocks away. Call the hotel for garage height restriction if you're renting a large van or SUV.

  8. Yes the resort fees add up … there are a couple that we use that still dont charge … public bus for us … avoid parking fees and bus is just $2.75 from airport to hotel… even if stayed at the hyatt or halekulani or one of the ohia chains yes still take the bus to go around…yes waikiki is our fave area to stay

  9. Thank you for making our Hawaii vacation the best vacation ever! Everything we did was based on your recommendations. We used the guides from the website and tips from channel. It was all on point! From Waimãnalo beach, to Sharks Cove to Giovannis food truck and many more. Just got back from Oahu last night and can’t wait to go back.

  10. My first trip to Hawaii, Long before they jammed the hotels around it, I stayed at the Royal Hawaiian, and I fell in love with the hotel. The location, and like you said listening to waves crash on beach as you drift off to sleep, it can’t be beat!! When I stay in Waikiki, I always book there. Being from NY, when anyone asks me about Waikiki, I always tell them it’s like Manhattan, it just doesn’t have the car horns blowing, and you actually want to swim in the water! While I enjoy the area, most of my stays on the island are either on the north shore or east side of island, as I enjoy peace and tranquility of being away from the densely populated areas.

    Great video, lots of great trips for first timers. Especially when describing he dreaded resort fees! I wish Hawaii would make the properties just add it to price and not have it sort of hidden in disclaimers, like some other states have, it’s annoying.

  11. When we stayed in Waikiki we used Hyatt and Hilton points. No need to pay those resort fees when booking award reservations! And you get all of the same benefits too.

    Edit: I will say, for how busy and popular Waikiki is, we were surprised how clean and calm the beach was. It wasn't the most pristine, but the water was still clear and a nice place to relax.

  12. My girlfriend and I just got back from our trip to Waikiki and it was awesome, and we enjoyed using your videos for suggestions! We also Got to see some of the north shore, sandy beach sunrise, Pearl Harbor and more🌴☀️

  13. While Waikiki has its charm when I went to Oahu I was in love with the North shore. So beautiful and peaceful, also loved the East side of the island. What a trip!

  14. I’ve stayed in Waikiki twice and I think I’m over it lol. The traffic and parking is awful!!!! The parking garages at the the condos are sooo packed. It’s some creative parking lol

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