Why I Never Wanted to Visit Hawaii – Oahu Family Travel Vlog 2021

I have a confession: I was never that interested in visiting Hawaii. So after a nearly 2-week trip to Oahu, did I change my mind? Watch the visit and you’ll find out.

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  1. Im not certain what you did before this but you are truly gifted. I could listen to any video you post, I feel well informed, educated, excited to go anywhere lol and confident I can do it with my toddler. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for this video. I have deep mixed feelings about visiting Hawaii and how to do it respectfully. Knowing many native Hawaiians I hear their concerns. What’s been done to Hawaii and it’s people via colonialism, racism, deforestation and over tourism is deeply sad and concerning and has always been.

  3. Watching your baby’s face when trying poi was typical yet always fun to see. Be proud that you had tried it. As a child I disliked poi, where now, it’s like I have to have it often. Hope you all return. Maybe here with us on the Big Island. Aloha! 🤙🏽❤️

  4. Wish we had more visitors like you and your family. Born and raised on Oahu…. I avoid all places that has tourist…. Good ting I live on da hill, can’t wait to move to the 9th island was planing to move to Maui where my fathers from but that island is becoming like Oahu. 40% of people who lives / owns a home on Maui were not from Hawaii I’d rather move to Vegas. What’s funny is that when I go Vegas for vacation , I stay at the strip because I no like see or eat food that I have here…. But now I can’t wait to move to the hot desert, my car won’t rust to dust😜🤙🏼

  5. Thx, very informative. I can relate to your comment about “colonizers” as a stereotype for visitors, but a bit hard to reconcile when you’re staying at the Four Seasons and doing expensive excursions

  6. well, Oahu is a small island and the virus can spread easily. plus our numbers are low and we'd like to keep it that way, Mahalo. the pandemic actually gave our beaches a break. too much tourist is not good sometimes. Alohilani is a nice hotel. It used to be the Pacific Beach hotel before and it had a huge indoor aquarium with an awesome buffet. Highway inn is ok, but it is expensive for the amounts given. Mahalo for wearing your masks. I know its hard, but thats how we take care of each other. Yes, all these people moving here, making property so expensive. its frustrating at times.

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